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Cheat Aerial Legends v1.0.1 Mod Apk Hack , GAMES MOD APK

Gudang Ngecit : Free Download Apk MOD Cheat Aerial Legends v1.0.1 Mod Apk Hack For Free New Update.


  • Developer: 株式会社グッドラックスリー
  • Version:1.0.1 (2017-05-29)
  • APK Size:30.80 MB
  • Requires:Android 4.4 +


Fresh feeling structure crime RPG aerial story ◆ ◇ ◆
Fight to become unexpectedly nice Atmosphere leja!
A brand new RPG of fresh feeling that may be loved to sophisticated people from newcomers seems!
Characters – It’s you who cause the Stories to save the empire! It’s!

Let’s have a structure crime game where your personal “Cannon ship” are able to transfer backwards and forwards while fighting like a system security, or shoot a combat figure called from an artillery ship out and struck an opponent to create a new attackable encounter It’s!

People guard parent kingdom 【guard】 Near call different characters – Stories from various planet and fight together. Stories shows “historical figures” within our planet and lots of common “fairy tales”! It’s!

● Choose! Do elaborate knockout technique “Arts”
Some Stories may also provide [Aruzu] which is really a deadwaxing method throughout a challenge. Should visit a number of Stories designers! It’s!
Let’s proceed with the fight positively utilizing the time like this!

Stories for sale in the sport could be educated by increasing their education of ability by defining the course level with products or by battleing.
Let’s challenge the battle by planning events together with your favorite Stories!

You’ll manage to help restore the castle area of the empire by continuing with the sport.
Within the castle area, you will get combined with the combat figure, you may also purchase and sell different products, so let’s create increasingly more!

● Music and Character Style Loving the Tale!
For music that excites magnificent worldviews and stunning situations, Mr. Oshima Michiru renowned for the water crisis etc.’s theme tune is hired! Beautiful voice actors may conduct all of the appealing fight figures along with the primary character coloring the account!

● Prologue
Power source full of the planet 【Air】.
By [Air], he’s experienced wealth because the beginning of the Empire of Highstin, but the number of creatures and massive dragons which have seemed suddenly overwhelmed the property.

The large monster named “Hate Red” offered a cheek of [dim atmosphere] and improved every living thing to some demon.

Queen Alicia of the empire brings the empire soldiers and dispatches a dangerous planet hero who protects the empire – [Shield] using the capacity to call Stories, and ultimately works in seeking the large monster Hait Red.

However, yet another action will defeats of the secret the King’s military.
Queen Alicia became the beast as well as lost extended its capacity to the whole kingdom … …



2. We attack against the enemy’s defense


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