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Android Angry Birds 2

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The comprehensive adventure with Star Wars Are you ready?

All Time Best Mobile Game Angry Birds brought up with a lot Mobile Platform Racing in the first row.The new version of Angry Birds was released and the case is now playable in Androidcihaz.Angry Birds Star Wars game under 2a was published thanks to the Star Wars characters and can have the power of the popular Empire fans can enter into a major fight against pork.

But this time the game can those who want to party late in the pig and pork Side so they can fight for the dark side.Visually the game is successful again be taken from Star Wars sound effects and pretty good quality.

In total, more than 30 playable characters hosting the game, thus allowing everyone to choose the appropriate hero himself.If you like a Jedi, Sith everyone thanks to the opportunity to complete the game as you want can revive his favorite part of the game.Gameplay as no big differences from the old game but I can say that as well as more refined controls have become a much more playable through a few additions to the Angry Birds Star Wars 2.Great graphics and a lot of people to play and you play in this agenda refers to cheat once in a while we’re having a good tactic.You can do this by watching the video you can help yourself tactics.

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