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  • Developer: KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.
  • Version:1.0.7 (2017-05-30)
  • APK Size:83.46 MB
  • Requires:Android 4.4 +


“With your love, I’ll expand.”
A smartphone software which allows one to enjoy a fighting girl

◆ Overview
TOEI ANIMATION and KOEI TECMO ACTIVITIES market fresh original material by combination of movement and software.

The five heroines of the Special Force “Trainer” face from the mystical occurrence “Phenomenon” threatening Tokyo in 2016!
You’re advocate to aid such minds.
Let’s support their hearts from Ula and from the entrance, while worrying within the fight but progressing.

◆ Story (Anime)
Extensive Women Coach can be a new information associated “animation” and “app”.
In movement, the trainee’s picture of fighting to resolve the relaxed everyday moments as well as “Phenomenon” they place are drawn.

Cartoon can be a short animation structure of about five minutes, along with a new account is distributed each week.

◆ Story (application)
You can observe within the game the small everyday things-not used the problems as well as movement they’re not able to know.
Please find out more seriously about them via a little everyday activity and obtain near to one another.
They’ll be stronger if your assistance reaches the heroine ‘s center.

◆ Battle
Within the fight, stress and problems of the heroine represents being an opponent, plus it circles in her heart.
Let’s work with friends called slave crun to beat the enemy and protect her heart by jump in to the hero’s center.

A slave family is just a friend that may be purchased with combat benefits and gacha (free or billed) etc, plus since it becomes stronger when it’s developed it gets easier to build up the fight.
Furthermore, some sport reports have something which you can’t notice unless the “mission” prepared for your challenge clears.
Planning a stronger slave family may be the key towards the technique, so it is actively fostered by let’s.

[Supported OS version]
* Please realize that we cannot offer help apart from supported OS version.

【About Notice】
You may also check updates within the game about the official site.



1. Weaken the enemy


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