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  • Title     : Boyfriend Kirameki Note MOD APK v2.1.0 (Blood is not reduced)
  • Size     : 55.74 MB
  • Rate     : 3+
  • Category: rpg
  • Format    : APK (Game For Android)


“Boyfriend (provisional) glow ☆ Notes”!

Now of the function isn’t just within the school,
Spice up the town within the period performance “Stella Maris festival”.
You like a supporter of his our Fujishiro college, transformed numerous issues,
It’s what’s waiting in the earlier –
It helps the cool Carre our over 40 people,
Let’s release the youth tale of interesting and beating!

◆ ◇ ◆ app Review ◆ ◇ ◆

Etc. You may perform the flow game fun features Plenty!
Additionally, because the appealing and vibrant costumes are having a limited voice,
Please enjoy the conversation with him who have been dressed up in different costumes.
Later on, additional ideas are excited.

■ partner around journey component that account may benefit from the!
Fujishiro youth of the primary attacks of his’ college who’s, obviously,
Additionally personal attacks with him that people are available to gather the important thing!
Let’s have a lot of the account!

■ rhythm game in the Smoothness of the beautiful voice actors!
Beat game you can appreciate within the Personality that most of the stars to participate!
Sweet viewing the party of … appreciate in a matching ensemble, or his our 3D is your decision.
There might be the best thing once the rhythm game having a close friend of his who.
Later on, additional ideas are excited.

◆ ◇ ◆ voice of artists ◆ ◇ ◆
Yokoyama abiding, Koji Yusa, Tsubasa Yonaga
(In alphabetical order, games omitted)

【Recommended environment】
AndroidOS higher or 4.2 Memory 2GB or even more
1. Operation in other than proposed models and the proposed atmosphere will be unsupported
2. The customer’s use, there are occasions when actually the proposed product function becomes unstable
3. For your proposed setting, even when that’s been referred to as more” or “AndroidOS 4.2,
There’s no one which necessarily correspond

Within this software, it’s been applied “CRIWARE (TM)” within the (stock) CRI · middleware.

■ a typical typos keyword
Sweetheart, boyfriend (provisional) glow notes, glow notes, beat activities, Boifurendo, and within the glistening Boifurendo, BF, Boifure, Boikira, Boikira



1. Blood is not reduced


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