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the browser is one of the tools hack facebook game so required to install it on your pc, so what are the required browser …
complete the browser that is important is to facilitate the use facebook game hack tool :
1. Mozilla.
The most I suggest to you to use this browser you will make it easy to use cheat engine.
Klik here to get : Mozilla Firefox 
  1.      Many additional features (add-ons) that can be assembled in accordance with the requirements
  2.      Suitable for open multimedia sites
  3.      easy updates
  4.      Strong security system
  5.      Wapsite can open the page dedicated to mobile / hp.
  6.      A browser with the most rapid growth and ever-increasing number of users
  7.      Security is more reliable
  8.      Download size is much smaller.
  9.      Many available addons for completeness function of firefox
  10.      There is a worldwide developer community (Betatester)
  11.      Configuration possibilities are numerous, far than IE
  1.      As I began to start loading awhile, especially if a lot of add-ons are installed
  2.      Sometimes it happens hangs / crashes.
  3.      Startup time (time to run the program the first time) is very slow and heavy.
  4.      Not function optimally if not add addons
  5.      The krackers now starting to target these browsers, because a large number of users.
  6.      Program updates means downloading a new version of Firefox, in contrast to only upgrade module IE only
  7.      Many addons do not work if Firefox was updated. (applies to major changes, for example from version 2 to version 3)
2. Google Chrome.
If you prefer to use google chrome nor anything because use is also not too difficult
Klik here to get : Google Chrome
  1.      Lightweight and nimble, including when the first start time and switch tabs
  2.      The design is simple, minimalist and practical, so that pages that are opened will look more airy and spacious. Suitable for Computer / PC sailing mini / small, such as netbooks etc.
  3.      Frequent updates, quick and easy
  4.      Strong security system, currently the browser the most resistant to hacker attacks
  5.      Many additional features (add-ons / extensions) that can be assembled according to the needs, even many add-ons / extensions are adopted from firefox
  6.      For users of Gmail (Google Mail), will be pampered with bookmarks tab connected to Google’s features can be accessed anywhere and anytime
  7.      Can mutually skin / theme that quite a lot and varied
  8.      Wapsite can open the page that is devoted to the phone / hp
  9.      Integrated with Google Translate so it would be easier for us to translate the current page into various languages including Indonesian
  10.      Integrated with Google Search, to search for information via Google m’Bah simply enter a keyword in the address bar of Google Chrome. More simple and practical
  11.      Google Chrome users will be spoiled by the Google-owned facilities
  12.      It is easier to edit the HTML code, especially in the search for a particular code.
  1.      Hangs / crashes
  2.      Error while reading the CSS include javascript
  3.      There is an image that can not be opened (not shown)
  4.      Can not open the site / page specific
  5.      A bit slow if set too many add-ons / extensions
The site is a collection of pages that are used to display information, motion picture, sound, and a combination of these either static or dynamic, each coupled with links
tanks to visit  🙂  …

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