Cheat Ninja saga ATM Exp and Gold Hack

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Cheat Ninja saga ATM Exp and Gold Hack

NEW Hack ATM Exp and ATM Gold

Cheat Ninja saga ATM Exp and Gold Hack – by using this hack you will be very easy to get the experience to raise your level and to obtain much gold are automatically. You can download Ninja Saga ATM Exp and ATM Gold 2014 for free, no survey.
Update :
Ninja Saga Hack ATM Exp and ATM Gold Update, ‎November  18, ‎2015
This hack only work for free user not emblem user.
Features Hack :
  • ATM EXP : Useful for raising experience
  • ATM Gold : Useful to increase the gold
  • Instan Mission TP AND Another Mission
Tools Required :
Steps to use :
  1. Download and Instal Fiddle, for tutorial install fiddler and make fiddler support HTTPS see here How to Install Fiddler
  2. Open Fiddler then Log in to your facebook acoount, back to fiddler and tick “Enable automatic responses” and “Unmatched requests passthrough”
  3. Drag and drop SWF File in to the “Add rule editor”
  4. Back to facebook, then clean the cache
  5. Afer that reload browser, log in again to facebook then play Ninja Saga
  6. Done
  7. How to use Fiddler Klik Here


  8. See Video tutorial :


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