Cheat Ninja Saga Hack Damage 1 Hit Kill

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Cheat Ninja Saga Hack Damage 1 Hit KillNew Update Cheat Super Damage Ninja Saga 1HIT KILL, This cheat will make the enemy die with just one kick only, If you guys are playing ninja saga and meet the enemy is powerful and want to complete the mission quickly we have to have super strength so use this trick to make you become fatal attacks only once at the enemy will die, This cheat is very helpful for those of you who want a quick win and finish the battle.



Tools required to make this hack can be use :

  • Cheat Engine
  • Browser
  • PC
  • Internet
    Scan This Code : A2 25 E8 07 A3 A2 CO
    Change it to :  A2 25 E8 07 A9 A2 CO


1 – open the game ninja saga on facebook .
2 – open cheat engine and change from 4 byte to array of bytes
3 – copy the code that given up in the page and paste it in the empty place and scan it .
4 – click on the code and click on the red arrow and click change value to second code that given up in the page and click OK
5 – back to the game and Play . ENJOY!


Video Tutorial :




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