Cheat NinjaSaga Hack Unliminited HP & CP Working 100%

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Cheat NinjaSaga Hack Unliminited HP & CP Working 100%

Cheat NinjaSaga Hack Unliminited HP & CP Working 100%

Hello to all visitors of Gudang-Ngecit this time I share the cheat which is of course very useful to all of you who want to ease in completing the Mission like a Christmas event this time. Previously I’ve been doling out cheat Cheat Ninja Saga Hack Critical, Damage and Feedback X10 so I took this opportunity to make a tutorial for you guys.
New Update : 22 January 2015
Fitures Hack :
  • Unliminited HP  : When youuse this featurefor sureyour blood will never be exhausted until when ever exceptinthe way browsers reload.
  • Unliminited CP : If you use the unliminited CP when using any jutsu would not be reducing at all.
1. cheat work 100%
2. do not in use on the Ninja Tutor definitely got banned
3. in the event, HH, Mission, Clan War will not get banned
4. do not modify the value, if you change the value.
certainly in error.
Tools Required : 

Step To Using Cheat :
1. open Ninja saga
2. open Cheat Engine
3. Attach CE to your Browser
4. Scan your ninja saga Gold cheat engine scan type = 4byte, and not in the tick hex and firts scan
5. If it is found in the upper left hand corner addreas, click 2 x
6. then move the column addres below.
7.make sure the address Is xxxx1308. replace it with the one 130 120 and 128 one
9. then select the check boxes in the column below the word “Active” (Frozen)
10. HP + CP became exhausted “
11.Video Tutorial :

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