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Gudang Ngecit : Free Download Apk MOD Cheat Cover Fire v1.2.17 Mod Apk Hack For Free New Update.


  • Updated : 28 April 2017
  • Installation : 500,000-1 million
  • The Current Version : 1.2.17
  • Need an Android version : 4.1 and higher
  • Rating Content : Rating 18 +


Direct your group of characters to some battle against Tetracorp company. Create your personal technique within the battlefield and strike your opponent from all sides. Go to the large collection and use effective tools and level-up your troops with special abilities. Unlimited activity within the best shooting game for product and mobile. Would you take the process?


– certain battle’s new experience. Join the opposition within this Address Fire occurrence filled with machine guns bullets and enemy armies wanting to kill you. Take your tool and direct this revolution just like a real war hero!

– Leader controls that provides you A DISTINCTIVE immersive FEELING. Link directly your hand towards the trigger. PUSH and TAKE!

– HD graphics with detailed displays, high in grapeshot and particles. DESTRUCTIBLE SURROUNDINGS. Everything connect to the person.

-Go because of AN AUTHENTIC and immersive cinematic like a real expert soldier. Engross yourself in a powerful and frenetic journey with NON-STOP ACTION. Don’t stop shooting.

-Face the challenge from different perspectives. Alternative among your mercenaries in REAL TIME, discover the ultimate blend to finish this risk.

– Provide yourself having a LARGE real-catches-based ARMAMENT. Characteristic and devoted technicians sounds of every weapon. You’ve never noticed something similar to this in shooting games.

-put up your AVENGERS team using their special abilities. Select varied functions: hacker, sniper, demolition man… Uncover new LEGENDARY people. Maybe you have seen an inflatable dinosaur about the battlefield?
The TETRACORP megacorporation is currently occupying many places within the world overtaking their assets controlling the towns, and managing each conversation. A brand new opposition it’s time to eliminate this risk and has created.

Set of mercenaries. Begin the trip to fight, prelude of the largest conflict our planet has seen to date. Soon, you’ll understand that the inspections in Tetracorp moves beyond simple totalitarianism. The development of the new content, the element 115, it may choose the mankind’s fate plus it can’t drop within the wrong hands.

In Cover Fireplace you’ll be the hero of set a finish for this potential holocaust in charge. Direct your team of avengers through sieged towns, areas and inhospitable deserts obtained by guerrillas, and beat varied type of opponents within the wargame using the greatest visual and armament unfolding on mobile.

The best battle experience. Completely intuitive controls made to produce an immersive feeling. Take goal cover, media and remove this risk.

Whilst the chief of the rebel, you’ll encounter the tough army of the opponent corp: deadly unique models, Implacable elite troops, physical tests with dense shields… Consider the control of the problem, cope with the turmoil like a real war machine. Get to be the tale of the rebellion.
– Absorbing story mode difficult series with all the platoon employers and on the basis of the unique “Cover Fire” comedian, with over 60 tasks. Eliminate the risk of Tetracorp and cause an uprising. Several sections of gameplay with countless hours and options.

– intuitive and Simple controls. Immerse yourself quickly within the action. Experience an entirely new knowledge special within the shooting games environment. Push the screen, draw the trigger!

– Improve each person in your team’s abilities. Improve their capabilities, make sure they are faster, tougher, more deadly. Provide them using things and the best weapons. Level-up your hero team b cause them to success.
Have a look about the movie. Unlimited shooting action!
Are you able to eliminate all of the opponents within this bloody fight? Then, you’re in. Welcome to the Group. Welcome to the Opposition. Welcome to Protect Fire.



MOD 1:
1.) gold*
2.) cash*
3.) energy*
4.) cups*
5.) infinite ammo*
6.) VIP lvl 5
7.) no reload


Cover Fire v1.2.17 Mod Apk – DROPLOAD

Cover Fire v1.2.17 Mod Apk – DRIVE LINK


Cover Fire v1.2.17 Mod Apk – DROPLOAD

Cover Fire v1.2.17 Mod Apk – DRIVE LINK

MOD 2:

1.) Money – VIP


Cover Fire v1.2.17 Mod Apk – DROPLOAD

Cover Fire v1.2.17 Mod Apk – DRIVE LINK


Cover Fire v1.2.17 Mod Apk – DROPLOAD

Cover Fire v1.2.17 Mod Apk – DRIVE LINK

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