Trick Increases The Chances Of Getting The Grade Ninja-S Ninja Heroes

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Raikage Rank s
Raikage Rank s
This trick has been tried repeatedly and does almost everything works.
Please try
1. open Ninja Heroes and select the account.
2. Select the server and log in.
3. already in, click all ninja (there is usually a ninja who tells it the right fishing hours 8:00 am, there’s also say Ninja Rank SS
There are in the village)
4. Try to be notice of the two ninja (Ninja Fishing 8PM Prediction and Rank of SS in Village)
5. go to where the fishing grounds of the ninja
6. First select the Basic capture,
(If possible should be able to Rank B, because according to the formula; Rank D = Rank C/B |Rank C = B/A |Rank B = A/S).
7. After dapet Rank B, go to Advenced Capture
8. Enjoy
Rank Ninja obtained from Basic Capture will define the Advenced Capture.
Rank D = C/B
Rank C = B/A (Possibly Get Rank S Very Small)
Rank B = A/S (Possibly Get Very Small SS Rank)
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