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Hack Farm Heroes Saga Trainer

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Hack Farm Heroes Saga Trainer
Hello friends Today I Farm here with Gold in the game trick Heroes Saga.
King game free online game which has the best big game audience of Farm heroes saga games is located in the list. Trgala as this beautiful candy we ensure that you have the Gold in the game. This is valid for both playing telephone tricks unscheduled and simple. trgala with you.
all you have to do is follow our video cheat instructions you do and enjoy the game. come on, let’s get our tricks.


Farm Heros Saga 2 Min Trial Version
PM Baron for Full Version and donation details
Version 1.73 6/21/14 — Fixed scoring

Trainer =
Video =

1. Lives hack sets to 5
2. add moves (instead of – moves)
3. Sets moves to last move
4. sets Targets collected to 50 each instead of 1
5. Kill the raccoon
6. Free boosters. I ( must be at a level high enough level to unlock the booster .)
7. Hero mode on next match (could be instant win if you have 0 moves and score mod enable also)
8. score mod to 100k
9. score mod to 200k
10. score mod to 300k
11. score mod to 400k
12. score mod to 700k
13. score mod to 1000k
14. score mod to leet /1337k

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