How To Get Ninja Rank SS On Ninja Heroes Android

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How to get the Ninja SS ninja heroes android ? Surely you guys often think would like to have the super ninja SS Rank Like Minato, Naruto  Kyubi, Sasuke Mangekyou, and More, to get the ninja Rank SS hardly easier to get ninja rank S like I’ve ever discussed in How To Get Ninja Rank S On Ninja Heroes Android but no words would be impossible to get the SS Rank of Ninja ninja Heroes.


How To Obtain The Rank Of SS-Ninja Ninja Heroes

There are several ways to obtain the Rank SS, there are 2 ways that I will discuss this time easily understood by you.

How To Get VIP Gift Pass SS Ninja

Get Ninja Minato, if you buy Gold you will be given a gift and VIP will get prizes from the vip including get Minato and Bonus Gear SS, this is the most difficult tricks in perform due to get VIP 5 only need to spend 99$ million let alone should be the vip 12 we will surely spend a very large, this trick in a special right for gamers that thick marsupials.

How To Get Ninja SS PassCapture Of Ninja HUT

Ninja trick Heroes get a Rank of the SS through the Capture Also it is very difficult and requires a very large Fortune, Because it Get S Rank alone is difficult let alone Rank SS Doubly difficult.

Try your luck with Moaning You Do Capture the Basic Capture Possibilities you can get your Ninja Rank SS but when it can fit in the middle of the Ninja SS that we dreamed of Escaping … fall down again As admin ever Experienced when first playing and get the ninja Naruto Kyubi but really the fate of Even obscure.

Well if you guys catch a Ninja via Advanced Capture possibilities of ninja will not run while in the rod but the chances of getting it are very small and almost no one has succeeded.

If you catch a ninja via Special Capture is also likely to get ninja SS is very small.

How To Get Ninja SS Passing Labolatory

Cara Mendapatkan Ninja SS Lewat Labolatory

Well this is the easiest of the tricks above a very small possibility we get it, if we want a Ninja SS don’t bother we can hard To Combine or Soul Fusion.

Ninja’s + 4 and will add more in will get rank SS remember better the Ninja already Combine S so fast.

Surely you guys need a lot of gold to get the SS Ninja  so you guys just read How To Get Free Gold On Ninja Heroes Android to get the cost of Hunting Ninja SS 🙂 Do not Pay for clicks G + and Share or Like

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