How To Make A Ninja Always Dodge/Miss When In Attack Ninja Heroes

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Cara Membuat Ninja Selalu Menghindar/Miss Ketika DI Serang
How to Dodge/Miss if the enemy attack at the Ninja Heroes? Miss when we attack the enemy or the enemy Ninja will avoid attacking us so we’re not exposed to Damage from the attack was not tasty.
Every so often we fight an enemy that always Miss it very annoying, well surely you guys want a ninja you guys can always miss? definitely delicious if ninja we always miss because it could create a Ninja always wins.
Miss because the Ninja Has a great Agility Stat so when ninja you have greater Agility than your opponent is sure to win you guys with a lot of ninja’s miss.
Well if you guys you guys often Miss Ninja better use Ninja S try reading how to get Rank S in Ninja Heroes Android to make it easier you get Ninja S

 Bagaimana Cara Untuk Memperbesar Agility Untuk Selalu Miss

  1. Praise ye Shoes level because the Default Stat on Gear Shoes is Agility,
    The first is a Agility Stat shoes so you guys praise Level of ninja Shoes and consequently increased Agility involved, more and more Agility increasingly being ninja You Miss.
  2. Refine existing Stat Gear Agility so if used Gear with Stat Defense if we Refine The Gear Will get additional Agility Stat.
    Bagaimana Cara Untuk Memperbesar Agility Untuk Selalu Miss
Better yet If we Refine Gear Used gear SS.
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