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Jungle Wars – Locker Blue CheatsJungle Wars – Destroy the enemy tower. Stupid Soldier
Locker Blue for Jungle Wars – Enemy Defense Remover

Congratulations. Now you’re the chief of their tribe. This set up the village, develop, control and power to defend and sorumulukg mean you have it.

Buildings should decide where to install. It will invigorate the places these people would be in place to ensure choice and the most benefit. Please note that the location of the building, one defense weapons and traps you set up is very important as you attacked. Upgrade the building to be neglected because higher buildings will be more resistant to enemy attacks.

Totem is the heart of the village. The more you know it will upgrade other facilities. Guard her well. Totem lose means to lose the war.

The development of new educational buildings created to provide you invincible armies. Uncharted resume life in the forest and depend on it to loot other tribes.

Do not forget. When you go to plunder other villages could lose the defeated army. But there is a solution. Run to destroy the enemy Locker Blue defense and attack it. Victorious from every fight and you’ll be back with the booty Coffers.


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