Millionaire City – Locker BLUE Cheats

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Millionaire City - Locker BLUE Cheats

With Millionaire City Facebook game called You can build a city according to your own wishes and this city can develop a little more each day. Tenants will place the home you’re doing and you can earn money by collecting rent from the tenants. With revenues from tenants new homes, hotels, cinemas and a lot more to gain by constructing the building can times earnings. As interact with friends’, you can help to build the building as a friend.

You will try to become one of the millionaires in fulfilling the tasks given time in the game. Let’s see if you’re in the game Millionaire City you will be a millionaire? So hard. Friend had already established their city and they were rich. If you want to catch up and pass them immediately Locker Blue run and win as much money as you earn 1 hour 5 years. The game started out as rich. In addition to other features Blue’s Locker is not possible in the original game, you can use the new features. Such as setting up home on the rivers and lakes.

1) 6000% bonus Balloon boy trick; All rents collected by 6000% bonus.
2) Additional customer trick for commercial buildings.
Everyone living in the home, regardless of the distance will be the customers of the commercial building.
3) Kahveci trick. Millionaire City cheats classic.
$ 800,000 from Starbucks every 3 minutes up to earn money. (More error.)
4) Bulldozers and road trick. Raise the terrain obstacles.
Now you can make roads and houses in the hills and lakes. Able to use all the land.
5) Size fraud. Most of the building (0) doing. So you can put on top of buildings.
And you can not put it on the side of the road scene.
So it does not take up unnecessary space. They can pass under roads and buildings.
6) Just rent with 2 or 3 famous ball collect rent after 10 seconds. The wait is over.
7) Just 3 minutes by Commercial Money Balls 1.5 minutes instead of collecting money.
It used with kahveci.
8) to give the free trial period of 6 minutes in the Public rental and collection tool now 18 hours.
It is active until the game.



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Locker Blue for Millionaire City – Bulldozer & Road

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