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Galaxy Life - Locker Blue
Locker Blue for Galaxy Life – Flip Flops Enemy

Starling distant planet was always party time ta of a Starling evil and chaos of nature and to bring peace to this planet! Starling base and made a stop by constructing defensive towers Firebit attacks. You can fend off the attack on the planet?

Galaxy Life to be given the status of your soldier you will ayarly located on the planet and a variety of materials and using them can make their proliferation and strengthening currencies. Thus, to protect the planet and good for you when you thought it was enough of your forces through military attacks on other planets will have the valuable material and will be able to strengthen your village. Then your earnings after you have your own army will have a planet that could grow your own planet or planets will be another owner. Galaxy fibers join the group in the first game because you will play online and you’ll be able to various shopping with their friends.

When the enemy attacked with Blue Locker to stop them for a while. Thus the enemy planet to be able to easily plundered.

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