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Cow Defense - Locker Blue Cheats

This is an excellent strategy game has players in these days of over 100,000 and still continues to grow.

Facebook Cowan Defense game based on a subject of the struggle between cows and aliens.
The aliens have come to invade the farm for a delicious steak.

Everything in the hands of establishing strategic tower needs to be done on the alien throw. Horseshoes, milk, and other glue them back into space objects they come in at the top of incoming aliens.

Meanwhile get the strongest weapon to fight off aliens that improves the farm.

Did it difficult?. Locker Blue, run.

1-unlimited supply: no need to wait to collect resources. Run Cheats and begin collecting resources. Every time you click the warehouse sources will be filled.

In the game the same trick works in both games as well as Cover Defense Monkey Tower.

2-long range: the approach will not have to wait to throw objects to aliens. Aliens invisible more visible, hooves milk will explode in their heads.

Download Link:

■ Download Cower Defense + Monkey Tower
■ Download Cower Defense + Monkey Tower

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