The Knights Of Arthur Random Source Cheats

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Knights Of Arthur
Knights Of Arthur
Hi Gudang Ngecit Followers Today You Guys You Guys Random Source Of Knigts Arthur Trick Is The First And Only Gudang Ngecit At.


The Knights Of Arthur Is One Of The First Online Game Arcade Games. The Game Features Characters From The First Game May Opening. These Characters That Contain.



1. Features: Balanced, Comfortable Used
2. Attack range: Medium
3. Strike Force: medium
4. Survival: High
5. better in the middle and close combat, skill and attack movements is close to each other, especially alert to moves, skills can be used very easily, it is an Appropriate choice for all players.
Professional Presentation: Close combat effective, reduces the effect of the attack on the enemy, strong armor with his sword Gives too much damage to the enemy; It has a deadly power at close range, but is ineffective against remote attacks and spells.


1. Features: Close assault, attack the High Series
2. Attack range: Close
3. Strike Force: High
4. Survival: Low
5. Close Combat is a strong influence of the serial assault the profession, not only the ability to attack Continuously damage to the unit’s strong, gameplay is a bit more complicated
Professional review: has the power to a mysterious spell, using the capabilities of the enemy in the long haul harms; close is not good in attack, so that the distance between the preservation of the enemy is more secure, so that would be more effective.


1. Features: Remote skill, Group Attack
2. Attack Range:
3. Strike Force: medium
4. Survival: Low
5. Magical attack uses a variety of magic, skills, profession, the ability to check the Group attack is high, it is easy to
Professional Presentation: it does not need a gun, every body uses as a weapon; In addition to a strong innate fist has the suite is Referred to as the nearby the war machine; remote attack is ineffective in the war must get close to the enemy quickly.

This Way The First You can define your Hero. (Trgal Has Chosen The Sorceress) What About The Rest Of You.

Friends Game This Way We can define. This Cheat Us With The Union, Somalia Offer Currently Exist In The Game. By Popular Demand As New cheats.

Note: in the game Level to be able to make it very easy to trick you know at least 30 Level Should Be Jumper. Stay in New cheats In Pursuit FR.

Cheat Walkthrough Video :


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