Tricks Get Ninja Grade S (Class-S) version 1

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Trik Mendapatkan Ninja Grade S(ClassS) Versi 1
How To Get Ninja Grade S, Many Are Asking How To Get Ninja Ranked S? Yes pretty easy try using the Trick below:
How Do I Get The Ninja S Read Also:
How to get Rank S in Ninja Heroes Android
1. Enter the Ninja Heroes
2. Select a daily event-> ramen house-> rob ninja S or SS
3. take the quest rob ramen
4. Rob all buildings
5. Select the daily event-> take daily login> Whack ninja (take iron bar at least 3)
6. Enter the Ninja hut and then click advamce capture
#Note: If you can draw when the early morning hours of 8-9, and good luck.
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