Vikings Gone Wild – Locker Blue Cheats

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Vikings Gone Wild – Locker Blue
■ Locker Blue, must be run first enters the game.
■ If there is ongoing building construction or upgrade that now will not work.
[1] to train troops at once:
Çalıştırdığında soldier training time will be 0 or 1 second in
[2] for free (Cheap) soldier trained:
Soldiers in Exchange for 2 or 3 cups of beer, you will be able to buy. You can use with the trick trained troops at once.
[3] set up and upgrade Immediately biba:
The establishment of a second süerecek of the building. This trick using 5-6 times a day.
[4] for free (Cheap) to get or upgrade:
2 or 3 cups of beer in return for your buildings you can install or upgrade.
Cheats to work “to train troops at once” trick you run required. Otherwise, returns an error.
This option does not apply to some expensive buildings.
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